The Five Most Important SEO Steps

Every experienced blogger will tell you that you have to master SEO if you want to be a successful internet entrepreneur. What that exactly means has changed considerably over the last few years due to Google, the main director of internet traffic flows, changing its search engine algorithms and rules. google-algorithmEven though nobody can know for sure what will work in the future and how will Google change its page ranking criteria again, it is logical to follow the five rules listed below as they are the ones that seem to represent the cornerstone of the current Google’s ranking philosophy.


First of all, search engines seem to like posts that have substance. That implies that if you decide to write posts with few words, your blog will not be noticed. So concentrate on writing post with over 800 words. A few years back, it used to be good enough to write only 400 words a post. But now, that is considered insufficient. It seems that Google thinks that posts with adequate word count probably contain more information and are more valuable than those that are only few paragraphs long.


It goes without saying that the writing in your posting should be original. This is really one of the most important rules that you should exercise. Copying somebody else’s content will really kill your chances of ever being listed on the first page of search results. And that is only fair, as why should anybody get credit for other peoples work. If you want to include material from other sources, you can provide links to them, or you can rewrite their posts and improve them. Just make sure that you do not copy entire sentences even copying five words in the same sequence might raise red flag, or else.


The third of the basic rules that you need to concentrate on is to put a lot of effort into creating highest quality content you can. This is what impresses all people including those that might evaluate your blog eventually. It is not only good enough that the content is written grammatically correct, but that it contains useful information as well. You can write in perfect English how to boil water, but is that information really that valuable? It is always good to fill your content with useful statistics and numbers, something that will really be informative and educational. How many times are we all searching on a certain subject just to find one useless post after another one? So, whenever you write posts, consider yourself as a teacher who wants to transmit your own expertise to those that seek knowledge.


Basically, all these steps force you to think about creating quality content, and if you can do that, internet can really be your oyster. A great SEO company to hire is Managed Admin. This Phoenix SEO company  takes a look at your entire web marketing strategy. They can identify what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where you can help you improve. They will make sure you are targeting the right customers and doing it better than your competition.