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            Welcome to the official website of Dunhuang Seed Industry Group Co., Ltd!
            Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co., Ltd.
            Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co., Ltd. is an agricultural integrated listed company ,mainly engaged in seed, cotton and food processing business. The company has a registered capital of 528 million yuan, total assets of 3 billion yuan, 28 branches and subsidiaries, and more than 1,000 employees. The company is the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, with the honour of the national contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise, the first batch of integrated seed production enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese seed industry credit backbone enterprise, the Gansu province strategic emerging industry backbone enterprise and high-tech enterprise. The company's "Dunhuang Feitian" trademark is a well-known trademark in China.
            News center
            Address: Jiuquan City, Gansu Province (PRC)
            Zip code: 735000 Tel: (86) 0937-2669179